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Our Core Competencies

Who we are and how we started

Our company was started by coaches and teachers raising funds for our own local programs as far back as the mid 1980’s.  We developed a method that raised more funds for less work, without students and parents collecting money or handling products.  Best of all it worked year after year.  We established the business by walking other groups through our simple 3-step process where students and parents could easily reach out to people inside and outside the community – essentially doing a broad crowd-sourced fundraiser 25 years before crowdsourcing was even a thing.  Our method worked then and our modernized version continues to work today – because our core approach and philosophies remain the same: walk each client through a simple and easy process, generate more money and higher profit than other methods, advise and assist along the way while sharing things that have worked before, and design the process to maintain or grow results every year without burning out your participants or your support base.

We have done this successfully for  thousands of programs nationwide, from individual sports teams to entire school athletic departments, marching bands to music departments, small clubs to youth football leagues, booster clubs, JROTC units and entire academic departments, and many, many more – which has earned us unmatched experience that we share with you to make your fundraiser easier, better and more profitable for your program.

After 25 years in business, we remain a family-owned and operated business that is committed to helping every group we work with reach their maximum potential.   This is not a “cookie cutter” fundraiser where we hand you something and you have to figure it out or do all the work.  Most online fundraisers don’t maximize your potential, because they provide limited customer service, require you to do all the work or cut corners that aren’t to your benefit.  Instead, we customize our process to fit your situation, and do what is required to maximize your potential, because not every program is the same.  When you speak with a PDP representative, you will see exactly what we mean, as we share our method and how we do most of the work to make the process work for you.

Our Core Philosophies

In addition to believing the process should be easy and highly profitable, we also believe strongly in the following…

We keep our promises

If we say were are going to do something, we do it. We are not here to sell you pie in the sky.  We are committed to the long term success of our clients and are sharing something that we have done successfully ourselves.  If you need something or run into a snag, we are there to help you.  We are not trying to attract a one-time client for one year – we are trying to build a long-term relationship and make us a trusted partner you can rely on every year.

No mysteries and no surprises

Our approach is to make sure everything happens in a straightforward manner the way we say it will.  This goes from the first step of the fundraising process to the final profit to your program!  One of the biggest complaints we hear about other fundraising programs is that things turned out differently than explained, or even worse, that the cost at the end was much higher than expected.  Instead, we make sure everything is explained clearly up front and walk you through the process so it’s easy as A, B, C – while also ensuring you have the highest possible profit in the end.  A frequent compliment we get (and one of our favorites) is “Everything happened just the way you said it would.”  We take great pride in that!

Don’t cut corners

We believe very strongly in doing things the right way to ensure the best results, now and in the future – even if it means extra work for us at PDP.  Our full-service fundraising method offers many things other companies aren’t willing to (or can’t) do: we allow sponsors to mail checks directly to your program made out to your account (which increases the credibility of the fundraiser and the generosity of your donors), we offer a service to mail sponsor letters (which widens your reach and the credibility of your online campaign), we assist you with social media outreach to maximize that potential (even helping you set up or maintain accounts if needed), we make sure that every one of your sponsors are thanked/receipted promptly (even if that means mailing a thank-you card/receipt to a donor when a valid email wasn’t provided).  We offer this and much more.  After the 4-5 week fundraiser has run it’s course, we don’t disable your payment page so late donors don’t see a “fundraiser closed” page (instead we provide 12 months of service, because you never know when someone may decide to contribute to your program).  When we say “full service” we mean we provide full service 24/7 from one year to the next.

Customer service matters

We treat every one of our client programs as though it were our own.  We take pride in your results and want to help you succeed.  After all, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money.  We are essentially a partner in your fundraising effort – especially when you consider that we spend money to get your fundraiser started with no upfront cost to you.  We also want to lay a foundation that will allow you to raise funds successfully and reliably year after year.  We have many clients that have been working with us for over 10-20 years in a row, some second generations of coaches and teachers, which we feel says a lot about who we are and the quality of our service.

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